Department chair invited to attend NASA workshop


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (July 19, 2013) — Melvin Gadson, chair of the elementary and secondary education department, has been chosen for the 2013 NASA Innovations in Climate Education program. This initiative engages minority-serving university STEM education professors in the science of climate change. Gadson will attend the workshop at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H., July 28 –Aug. 2.

The goals of the program are to extend scientific knowledge of global climate change and its impact on terrestrial and ocean ecosystems; explore scientific content that can be utilized in science and mathematics methods classes; provide opportunities for science and mathematics education majors to explore areas of scientific study that may lead undergraduate students to explore global climate change as a research project or hobby; and facilitate collaboration between Tuskegee University’s science and mathematics faculty to consider developing a multidisciplinary course that incorporates global climate.

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