Fall Open House welcomes students and families


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (October 1, 2012) — Tuskegee University opened its campus to hundreds of prospective students and their families during its annual Fall Open House on Saturday. During the all-day event, university students, faculty and staff shared information on admission requirements, campus life, degree programs, and student organizations. During the early morning portion of the day’s three sessions, Tuskegee University President Gilbert L. Rochon, gave the audience gathered in the University Chapel an overview of the university and its future path.

Gilbert L. Rochon, Tuskegee University president. 
Calling Tuskegee an “exceptional investment in your future,” Rochon spoke about the new additions to the university’s degree programs and planned improvements to the campus such as dormitories and new buildings.

“Tuskegee University is making a great leap forward. We have such rich history here. We have an exciting present and a glorious future ahead of us,” Rochon said.

After several presentations from all of the university deans, prospective students moved to the information fair in the Gen. Daniel “Chappie” James Center for Aerospace Science and Health Education. Several tables were set up for information about admissions, campus life and degree programs.

Despite the information about other majors, Gordon McMillan already has his mind made up about what major he wants to pursue at Tuskegee. The junior from Slyvester, Ga., said that he “fell in love with the engineering experience” when he attended the Mentoring Into Engineering program at the university. The weeklong summer program is designed to motivate minority high school students and introduce them to engineering. He said that he decided to attend the open house to get a feel for the rest of the university.

“The students and teachers are warm,” McMillan said. “This is a college that I really want to go to. This is my final choice.”

Toya Dean, assistant to the dean for student development and special programs, was one of several Tuskegee staff members that McMillan said made him feel so welcome at the College of Engineering.

“We tell them, “Don’t think you left your mom at home when you come here, because you still got me,’ ” Dean said.

Students and their families got information from faculty and staff during the information fair at the open house.

Prospective students were able to get information on academics, admissions requirements and campus life during the open house.

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