First summer pinning ceremony held for nurses


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (July 31, 2014) — The latest class of new nurses went through a time-honored rite of passage today at the university chapel. For the first time, the Department of Nursing held a pinning ceremony during the summer. The department recently added a second enrollment cycle to their program and today’s ceremony honored its first graduates. 

“This change has done a lot for the program,” said Dr. Doris Holeman, associate dean and director of the School of Nursing and Allied Health, “It’s helped with retention and given students more opportunity to be successful in the program.”

Dr. Catherine Russell, education consultant with the Alabama Board of Nursing, addressed the 15 graduates and urged them be masters of their destinies by being ethical nurses who provide excellent care. 

“Make sure your attitude reflects who you are,” Russell said. “That is a Tuskegee graduate. That means you’re well prepared and that you stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Dr. Brian L. Johnson, Tuskegee University president, called the new nurses “exemplars of calling.” He said the men and women were good examples of how aligning one’s natural talents and training could lead to success. 

“We trust that you will go forward and represent us well… as sons and daughters of Booker T. [Washington],” Johnson said. 

Nurses taking oath.

Dr. Catherine Russell, education consultant with the Alabama Board of Nursing.

Dr. Doris Holeman, associate dean of Nursing and Allied Health.

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