Help Adopt-A-Dorm give Douglass Hall some TLC


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (July 8, 2014) – This month, volunteers from all over the country will turn their attention to helping improve Tuskegee. Today, the Adopt-A-Dorm program kicked off in Douglass Hall. Dozens of alumni, friends and visitors united to clean and prepare the residence hall for minor repairs and painting that will be going on throughout this month and early August. Tuskegee University president, Dr. Brian L. Johnson, also stopped by to greet volunteers and receive a cake to celebrate his birthday. 

Dr. Johnson talks with volunteer.
“This is about the alumni giving back, as the students who built the place gave,” said alumnus and program organizer, Edward Grim. 

Grim, Class of 1969, is a retired Army major. He credits his upbringing on a farm and the education he got at Tuskegee for helping him run the program. He said agriculture and shop classes were mandatory when he was a student.

“You had to have that technical side of agriculture,” Grim said. “And, I use those skills to this day. ”

More volunteers are welcome

Started by Grim in 1990, the program has grown to about 60 annual volunteers who come to help improve a campus dorm every July. For the last three years, a group of high school students from Ohio has dedicated their time and energy to making Tuskegee better.

“It’s fun… getting the experience of being here and learning the history of this place. The whole place was built by students,” said Mariah Nelson, a student at Bedford High School in Ohio. 

Although, there is a steady stream of volunteers, Grim said there is room for plenty more this month. He said volunteers don’t need to be handy or mechanically inclined to lend a hand. He said help and training are always available. Volunteers also get free meals and dorm rooms, if they stay on campus while they work. However, Grim said the biggest benefit of the program is being able to help the university cut down costs. 

“We have a lot of energy that is going to waste,” Grim said. “And, if you could give some of that energy back in labor, it will help the university not have to expend additional money.”

To volunteer, call Edward Grim at 804-426-6059 or email

Dr. Johnson receives birthday cake from volunteers.

Johnson greets volunteers.

Volunteers pause for photo with Dr. Johnson.

Volunteers moving furniture.

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