Jenkins addresses alumni during homecoming events


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (November 3, 2013) — Friday, Acting Tuskegee University President, Dr. Matthew Jenkins, urged a culture change for the university and black Americans. 

Acting Tuskegee University President,
Dr. Matthew Jenkins and wife Roberta. 
During his State of the University address on Friday afternoon, Jenkins said the university needs to be strengthened in several areas, but chief among them are structure and communication. 

“We have to change our culture because our culture will not sustain us at this period of time,” Jenkins said. “We’ve got to have high expectations.”

He said, in order to survive tough economic times and be more competitive, the university must have more accountability, checks and balances; and lines of leadership. He also introduced plans by the Tuskegee University Foundation to build a facility off Exit 38 that will help produce revenue and increase the visibility of the university. Jenkins said he also wants the College of Business and Information Science to hold a series of business seminars for Tuskegee personnel to help increase efficiency, encourage development of good practices and bolster the management structure. 

“University business is basic business. You’ve got to look at it as business and treat it as a business,” Jenkins said. “Develop good habits and that way it’s automatic.”

Jenkins also said more focus should be put on research at the university and that such funding could help subsidize Tuskegee’s other academic programs. 

“We want everybody to start thinking research,” Jenkins said. 

Later that evening, Jenkins gave remarks at the Annual Alumni Reunion Banquet and Dessert Reception and encouraged alumni to add to the Tuskegee University legacy by passing on knowledge and giving back. He also said that the university wants people with courage, initiative, drive, and high expectations. 

“Carry the baton. You can’t drop it; we can’t allow our kids to drop it,” Jenkins said. “Life is about helping yourself and being concerned about helping others.”

Jenkins gives state of the university address.

Jenkins and Williams.

Artist rendering of facility to be built at Exit 38.

Jenkins at alumni reunion banquet.

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