National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Inducts & Honors Tuskegee University President


TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY, AL - (October 9, 2007) - Tuskegee University President Benjamin F. Payton was selected as "Educator of the Year" and formally inducted in to the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame recently. The award recognizes alumni of Historically Black Colleges and Universities who have distinguished themselves as leaders in a variety of fields.

President Benjamin F. Payton, an honor graduate of South Carolina State University, who holds three ivy league post baccalaureate degrees, including the Ph.D. from Yale University, marked the 25th year of his leadership and administration at Tuskegee University.  Tuskegee University has the rare distinction of having had only 5 presidents in its 125-year history.  Dr. Payton spearheaded the University's transformation from Tuskegee Institute to Tuskegee University, reorganized the academic programs into five colleges, established two new doctoral programs and significantly increased the endowment from $14 million to over $100 million.  He has also led capital campaigns that raised in excess of $300 million for Tuskegee University's programs and capital needs.

In accepting the honor Dr. Payton stated, "The challenging, nurturing and enriching experience provided by South Carolina State University during my time as a student established solid foundations for graduate work at Harvard, Columbia and Yale and set the frame work for the many opportunities I have experienced since my graduation.  The culture of striving for excellence and to be of service that the professors and staff of South Carolina State taught and exhibited everyday were profound influences on my life and on my varied career in higher education."

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