New Course Coming! Introduction to Robotics


CSCI 0490 Introduction to Robotics

The greatest inventions begin with a little imagination...

         You know that robots will make a difference in the world

         You want to be part of this new and exciting field of study

         Your imagination knows no limits

If this sounds like you, the Robotics course in Computer Science is for you.

Starting from fall 2009, computer science department offers new robot course every other semester.

CSCI 490: INTRODUCTION TO ROBOTICS.  It will help you learn to construct the robot and teach you how to control the robot's behavior.

Instructor:              Dr. Fan Wu

PREREQUISITES:  CSCI 230 or Departmental Approval


"Within 25 years there will be no activity, legal or illegal, that we will undertake without the assistance of a robot."


Now planning your study in Robotics!

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