President addresses students at inaugural SGA Town Hall


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (August 29, 2014) — The Tuskegee University Student Government Association and Dr. Brian L. Johnson, Tuskegee University president, met Thursday evening to open the first of a series of town meetings addressing student concerns. Held in Tompkins Hall ballroom, the event was a chance for students to get some insight on the direction of the university’s future as well as learn about what resources are available to address their problems. 

Johnson spoke about his plans for the first year of his administration and encouraged all the students to be active and engaged with their student leadership. He also spoke about proposed improvements and possible changes. 

“Trust the Tuskegee trajectory. Trust the Tuskegee tradition,” Johnson said.

President Johnson speaks with student.

Audience listens at town hall meeting.

Student speaks with President Johnson at town hall meeting.

President Johnson addresses audience at town hall meeting.

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