Professor to speak at Vatican conference


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (October 3, 2013) — C.S. Prakash, professor of plant genetics, biotechnology and genomics, has been invited to speak for a workshop at the Vatican. The 2013 Workshop on Bread and Brain, Education and Poverty will be held Nov. 4-6 in the Casina Pio IV.


Prakash is one of 16 academicians and experts from around the globe who have been invited to speak. On Nov. 6, he will make his presentation entitled, “Biotechnology for Developing Countries.” According to the invitation, the purpose of the event is to “discuss the new advances in biotechnologies, education and brain sciences that may be used to combat hunger and malnutrition and improve the quality of life of the poor communities.”

Prakash has been a member of the university faculty since 1989. He oversees the genetic improvement research on food crops of importance to developing countries and has trained dozens of scientists and students. He has also been actively involved in enhancing the societal awareness of food biotechnology issues around the world.

His research interests include studies on transgenic plants, gene expression, tissue culture and plant genomics. Prakash's group at Tuskegee led the development and biosafety testing of transgenic sweet potato plants, and was first to identify polymorphic DNA markers in peanut and pioneered the development of genetic map of cultivated peanut (along with Dr. Guohao He of Tuskegee University). His papers, especially on peanut genetic markers, are among the highest cited from Tuskegee University. Along with Dr. Marceline Egnin and Dr. Conrad Bonsi, he was part of the Tuskegee University team that helped develop the biosafety regulations in Ghana.

He has funded projects on peanut genomic research from USAID/Zambia, served in the USAID Agricultural Innovation Partnership project to enhance agricultural innovation in India in partnership with Cornell University and currently partners with UCLA in an innovative distance learning program on genetics through interactive live video including lecturing in an online course. Prakash also serves as editor-in-chief of the journal GM Crops & Food.

C.S. Prakash has a bachelor's degree in agriculture and a master’s in genetics from India, and obtained his Ph.D. in forestry/genetics from the Australian National University, Canberra.

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