Students meet with sales execs, explore opportunities


TUSKEGEE, Alabama (April 16, 2014) — Students interested in careers in sales got a chance to work on their networking skills with executives from the 3M Co. on Tuesday. A reception was held at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center for students who will be competing in the 3M Sales Competition, which starts today. 

Students with 3M representative.
Tuskegee University is one of 12 schools that participate in 3M’s Frontline Sales Initiative, an educational partnership that provides paid internship opportunities for students studying sales. Anthony Freeman, a professor in the Brimmer School of Business and Information Science, said the university and 3M have been partners since 1996. 

“We have become a strategic partner in filling 3M’s sales force,” Freeman said.

Candance Mailand, Frontline Sales Program manager, said students who participate in the program get the opportunity to apply their sales educations in real-life. They also are “performance ready” salespeople after completing the program. 

“They come to us and they are ready to hit the ground running,” Mailand said.

This year, two students, Corey Rogan and Cameron Garris will be doing summer internships with 3M. Rogan, a senior sales and marketing major, said he applied to the Frontline program because he was attracted to 3M’s company culture. 

“Their training is very in-depth and it gets you ready for the next level,” Rogan said.

Garris, a junior sales and marketing major, said that he got to know 3M from meeting some Tuskegee alumni who work for the company and he was impressed by what he heard.

“They are very good people, family-oriented,” Garris said. “And, the company has a good foundation.”

Student converses with 3M representative.

Reception held for students who will be competing in the 3M Sales Competition.

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