Technical Sales Competition


The sponsored event was a technical sales competition titled "Everyone is a Professional Salesperson." The competition consisted of five teams; each team consisted of two sales and marketing students and three engineering students.

The sales and marketing (S&M) students served as instructor/coaches for the engineering students and instructed them on the art of developing a sales plan, making a sales call, and obtaining a commitment from a buyer using the techniques from their sales and marketing classes.

The engineering students used these techniques, their technical knowledge, and their understanding of the Otis Elevator product to make the sales call. Mr. Anthony Freeman, a Tuskegee employee served as the buyer.

The event continues to be a success (noted by students and others) because it:

  1.  introduced the rigors and joys of selling
  2. reinforced the knowledge base of S&M students who had to "teach what they knew"
  3. increased the exposure of competition sponsors to students in business and engineering
  4. enhanced the image of selling as a viable career choice for both the Engineering and Business schools
  5. was a challenging yet fun experience

This year's winners of competition:

     Mr. Justine Jones (Political Science Major)
     Mr. Arthur Woodson (Sales and Marketing Major - Coach)

This year's runner up of competition:

Like last year, student commitment to the success of their team performance was outstanding and choosing a winner continues to be more difficult than ever for the judges.

Students are looking forward to this selling "workshop" during next year's conference.
Students who are interested in Sales, Pharmaceuticals, and Retail Sales will enjoy this "role play" exercise of a sales call.

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