Tuskegee student wins first place in Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association Poster Competition


MONTGOMERY, Ala (March 19, 2013) — Alana Slade, a senior sociology major from San Antonio was awarded first place in the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association Poster Competition held at Auburn University Montgomery.

According to the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association website, “the initial purpose of the organization was “to facilitate and encourage cooperative relations among sociologists in the two-state area” with an emphasis on “the improvement of teaching, research, and the applied phases of sociology.”

The poster competition was a part of the organization’s annual meeting; there are presentations of papers as well as three distinct student competitions: the Poster Competition, the Undergraduate Competition, and the Graduate Competition. Slade stated, “It was a huge surprise to be awarded for my poster presentation.”

Lonnie Hannon, assistant professor of sociology stated: “Alana has developed a solid approach to the study of juvenile delinquency in the United States. As demonstrated by her poster, Alana theorized that crime is more a function of limited job opportunities among youth than cultural factors associated with race. A common belief is that high crime in American cities is primarily the result of a "cultural pathology" associated with African-Americans. Alana also examined the unemployment rates of young adults and crime statistics for the top 100 cities in the United States.”

Hannon also stated, "I am proud to have Alana as my research assistant. Her growth and development over the last few years has been impressive. She embraces the virtues of hard work, self-determination, and persistence. As a result, I firmly believe that she will have a powerful impact on society in some way."

Slade gave her thoughts stating, “My passion is studying and understanding the causes of juvenile delinquency. That has driven me through my Tuskegee career. It is important as young, educated, African-American students that we pay attention to the social influences that surround our generation; past, present, and future.”

For more information on the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association, please contact Annice Yarber at ayarber@aum.edu.

By: Eryk J. Pritchett, Tuskegee University Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

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