Tuskegee University Getting to the Heart of the Problem


Tuskegee University Getting to the Heart of the Problem

College of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences (CAENS)
Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences
Tuskegee, Al 36088

The Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Tuskegee University will be hosting a series of seminars to be held in Tuskegee and surrounding areas. The site for the first seminar is at the Municipal Complex on March 17, 2005 at 5:30 p.m. The speaker, Dr. Michael Williams, MD, FACC, Board Certified, a local physician working in the Lee, Bullock, Chambers, Tallapoosa, Macon and Russell Counties area specializing in cardiology will present on "A Physician’s Assessment of Obesity and Coronary Heart Disease in Macon County and Surrounding Areas". Adults of all races and gender in the community are encouraged to attend.

This seminar series is sponsored by a grant received from The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHBLI) at the National Institutes of Health. They have selected the Deep South Partnership for Prevention of CVD Disparities which includes the University of Alabama-the majority serving institution, and a minority coalition including Tuskegee University, the Mineral District Medical Society (Birmingham Black Physicians group) and Cooper Green Hospital (Jefferson county-Birmingham) as one of its six Centers of Excellence in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Locally, we represent the Alabama Collaboration on Cardiovascular Equality or ACCE Project. For further information please contact Mrs. Doris Hargrove Eaves at 334-727-8515 or Dr. Ralphenia D. Pace at 334-727-8323.

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