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Woodland Pottery Fragment.

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Measuring a fragment.
TUSKEGEE, Ala. (August 20, 2013) — Tuskegee University students from the History 210 and 419 classes assisted in a dig at the Inn at the Warrior Stand site in southern Macon County (County Road 10), approximately 12 miles south of Tuskegee. This dig was a part of an ongoing exploration for the Old Federal Road and the War of 1812, under a grant from the Alabama Historical Commission. Students have worked over two summers, finding a variety of important artifacts.

While on-site, student responsibilities included: digging, retrieval of artifacts, sifting, documenting and, cleaning of materials found in the archaeological dig. Students also recovered items left behind by some of Alabama's earliest, non-native, settlers. The historic significance of the site is that it reveals how active this "road" was in the peopling of new settlers into Alabama.

Tuskegee University archivist, Dana Chandler said, "The dig provided our students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gained in the classroom to real world applications. I have always taught that the definition of history is inquiry by examination of evidence and evidence is found either within documents or archaeological evidence. They got to see both."

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “The nation’s first western frontier includes the rural southeastern Macon County, Boromville, Creek Stand, and Warrior Stand communities situated along the path of the historic Federal Road in Alabama. The Federal Road began as pre-historic Native American footpath along a ridge line. Our name comes from this topography. The Federal Road evolved into the main traveler’s route into present-day Alabama in the early 1800’s. Each wave of Native Americans, European Americans, and African Americans inhabiting or passing through left behind artifacts, records, and oral history. Our Interpretive Center houses permanent and rotating exhibits of this tri-cultural history.”

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By: Eryk J. Pritchett, Tuskegee University Office of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing

Tuskegee University archivist, Dana Chandler oversees students at dig site.

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