U.S. senator tours university and speaks with students


TUSKEGEE, Ala. (October 26, 2012) — U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions visited with university administration and students Thursday afternoon. Members of Tuskegee’s administration met with Sessions to discuss potential plans for the institution’s expansion.

Sessions said he had been to Tuskegee several times and named several points of interests such as the George Washington Carver Museum and the home of Booker T. Washington that make the university a unique area to visit. Calling the university “an important part of this region,” Sessions said he was impressed with much of the work going on at Tuskegee and felt that it could have a far-reaching impact.

“They do some things like cyber security which could impact our military,” Sessions told a reporter.

After meeting with administration, Sessions met a small group of Tuskegee students at the Booker T. Washington Monument and shared a few tips for academic success. Sessions, who went to Huntingdon College, encouraged the students to challenge themselves by choosing the best professors, even if they are more difficult.

“You really need to prepare yourself,” Sessions said. “Nothing is better than a professor that you work hard in and learn something that you fix in your mind.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions speaks with administrators on Thursday.

Sen. Jeff Sessions speaks to students and Tuskegee staff members at the Booker T. Washington Monument.

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