Small Animal Medicine

Fall 2013 


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SMED-0391-01          Intro to Veterinary Medicine                                                                     2.00

    0035486           Dr. Ruby L. Perry

                      Deidre M. Quinn-Gorham

                      Dr. Elizabeth S. Graham


SMED-0571-01          Radiology                      LEC                                  08/21/13 Week                3.00

    0035487           Dr. Ruby Perry                                                 12/10/13


SMED-0572-01          Small Animal Medicine          LEC                                  08/21/13 Week                5.00

    0035488           Dr. Pamela Y. Martin                                                    12/10/13

                      Dr. Madan M. Vig

                      Dr. Robert D. Horne

                      Deidre M. Quinn-Gorham


SMED-0576-01          Small Animal Surgery           LEC                                  08/21/13 Week                1.00

    0035489           Dr. Howard A. King                                                  12/10/13

                      Dr. Ruby L. Perry              LAB                                  08/21/13 Week



SMED-0595-01          Medicine - Clinics             LAB                                  08/21/13 Week                3.00

    0035490           Dr. Howard A. King                                                  12/10/13

                      Dr. Caroline B. Schaffer

                      Dr. Robert D. Horne

                      Dr. Pamela Y. Martin

                      Deidre M. Quinn-Gorham

                      Dr. Ruby L. Perry


SMED-0675-01          Emer & Crit Care Medicine                                                                        2.00

    0035491           Dr. James Heintz

                      Dr. Howard A. King


SMED-0681-01          Sel Topics-S-Aminal Inter Med                                                                    2.00

    0035492           Dr. Shannon D. Boveland

                      (P) Take SMED-0574;


SMED-0682-01          Advanced Small Animal Surgery                                                                    2.00

    0035493           Dr. Robert D. Horne

                      Dr. Howard A. King


SMED-0686-02          Diagnostic Imaging                                                                               2.00

    0035494           Dr. Ruby L. Perry


SMED-0689-01          Problem Based Medicine III                                                                       1.00

    0035496           Deidre M. Quinn-Gorham

                      Dr. Ruby L. Perry



SMED-0695-01          Fundamentals of Clinics III    LEC                                  08/21/13 Week               12.00

    0035497           Dr. Howard A. King                                                  12/10/13

                      Dr. Shannon D. Boveland

                      Dr. Pamela Y. Martin

                      Dr. Ruby Perry

                      Dr. Elizabeth S. Graham

                      Dr. Sammy L. Gorham

                      Dr. Dennis L. Anderson

                      Dr. Woubit S. Abdela

                      Deidre M. Quinn-Gorham


SMED-0700-01          Independent Study          LEC   TBA                               08/21/13 Week               12.00

    _______           Dr. Ruby Perry                                                               12/10/13