Peer Staff (Tutors and Assistants)







Destiny Miller

Christopher Dickerson

Cheryl Dixon



 Aneesa Sood

Taryn Dooms

Tiffany Ford


Anthony Harrison

Amina Lynch



Maya Reese

Heather Murphy

Ezra Connell




 Kala Parker

Christian Felton





LaFred Gibbons





Frank Jackson





Nyesha King

Tyrell Yorke

Chloe Whittington


T-CAEIL Peer Staff:

  • T-CAEIL Peer Staff are students of Tuskegee University who have demonstrated academic excellence through maintaining a 3.0 or above GPA. 

  • They are certified through the National Tutoring Association.

  • They have the ability to relate to and communicate with students in a positive and supportive approach.

  • Tutors are trained professionals who have the ability to extend learning through creative thinking, critical thinking and logical reasoning of those students who frequently utilize tutoring services.

The Peer Staff serve as learning partners and help assist with the understandings of course materials.  They aid in the development of practices and strategies to help with test preparation. They will not proofread or check your paper. They will empower you with the confidence to edit your own paper through an explanation of the writing process and assistance with understanding organization, thesis statements, grammar and sentence structure.  Please visit the center 72 hours prior to your paper due date.