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The Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science (TSACS), located in the Willcox A and C Buildings, the department of architecture is founded on a belief in the power of architecture to uplift the human condition and give form to society‘s highest aspirations. Students are prepared to become citizen architects - community leaders who provide a vision of a better-built environment. The department will realize its mission through teaching strategies based on Booker T. Washington’s philosophy of educating the hand and the mind together in a variety of cross-disciplinary contexts: Digital learning environment, Service learning, Life-long learning, Design-build, and Integration of studio courses with lecture courses.

The Taylor School, through its two programs of study – a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree, and a four-year Bachelor of Science in Construction Science degree – continues the founding policy of the University –"Learning to do by doing."  This concept can be traced back to the trade orientation started by Booker T. Washington in 1893 to create builders—as opposed to merely carpenters and bricklayers.  Although both programs began in industrial and vocational training, the current curricula in core architecture and construction science disciplines is combined with the integration of studios with lecture courses, service learning, project ready construction, and design build and is designed to enable our students to remain competitive in today’s job market.



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