Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (OIRAP) 

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (OIRAP) is the consolidation of the former Office of Institutional Analysis and Evaluation and Office of Academic Assessment and Enhancement. The consolidation became effective in March of 1997, in an effort to provide a more efficient and comprehensive office to deal with institutional research and assessment matters.

At Tuskegee University, the growth and development of the “Institutional Research” program may be characterized as a continuing process of adapting to the University’s changing information needs for improved planning, management, and evaluation of programs, services, and resources. With the merger of the two units, it is now possible for the University to develop and pursue a three-pronged program in three functional areas:

Institutional Research and Analysis – with emphasis on administrative and support services
Educational Outcomes Assessment and Evaluation – with an emphasis on educational programs
Institutional Effectiveness - with and emphasis on utilizing institutional data for planning and evaluation of resources

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning remains the University’s central administrative unit with the responsibility for collecting and analyzing institutional data and disseminating results.

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