About Us

Tuskegee University is an independent and state-related institution of higher education.  Its programs serve a student body that is coeducational as well as racially, ethnically and religiously diverse.


Our Purpose & Overview

Tuskegee University has accumulated a breadth and depth of experiences and shills in international development, based on extensive work in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. The University has historically committed faculty and institutional capabilities to working with developing countries, to affect human resource development, economic policy changes, institutional development and technology transfer through the design and implementation of projects. Tuskegee University has amassed a cadre of highly trained scientists and professionals on various fields.

The need for administrators, faculty, staff and students to have an understanding of other nations, other cultures, literature, modes of thinking and languages is urgent. By helping our students to comprehend the complexities and subtleties of the environment, the University can make a special contribution to meeting this national need. The Office of International Programs has a responsibility to internationalize the Tuskegee University campus. International students do a lot to bring cultural diversity to our campus, but we need more. International Programs is assisting the University in meeting these needs through international development activities. This includes international research and development, technical assistance, international training and study abroad. Tuskegee allows its faculty and staff to provide technical assistance and to collaborate with developing countries and research institutes on research projects in most areas of strength at the University.