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Tuskegee University is an independent and state-related institution of higher education.  Its programs serve a student body that is coeducational as well as racially, ethnically and religiously diverse.


Tiger Draft (Automatic Bank Draft)

What is the Tiger Draft?

Tiger Draft lets you contribute to Tuskegee University each month through your bank (Electronic Funds Transfer.)  Your bank account will be debited on the 1st of each month and the charge will pass through the banking system as if you had written a personal check.

Even though Tiger Draft works automatically, you retain control over your account.  Your contribution is made monthly, yet you never have to write a check.  Of course, you may cancel your authorization at any time with a written notice.

How do I start a Tiger Draft?

  1. Download the authorization form and return to us by mail.
  2. Return the completed authorization form to us with a "Voided" check.  The voided check is necessary to establish your account with the correct bank codes.
  3. Return both the authorization and the voided check to us.
  4. Indicate the amount to be deducted each month from your checking account, e.g. ($100/month x 12 months = Annual contribution of $1,200)