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The Alabama Center for Nanostructured Materials (ACNM) is one of the four centers of excellence funded by the NSF in the state of Alabama under the EPSCoR program. The ACNM is a multi-institutional center including Tuskegee University, Alabama A& M University, Auburn University, University of Alabama Huntsville, University of South Alabama and Florida Atlantic University. The center is led by Tuskegee University.

The thematic idea of ACNM is to develop and characterize nanostructured materials by infusing nanoparticles at the nascent stage of synthesis of variety of bulk materials that will have application in structures, optics, lasers, and other thermoelectric devices to improve their performances. 

The center is built on two thrust areas: one is the development of nanophased structural composites led by Tuskegee University and the other is the synthesis and production of bulk nano-crystalline materials led by Alabama A&M University. The effort at Tuskegee University is addressing the construction of structural nanocomposites with required atomic specifications. Partners in this thrust area are Auburn University, University of South Alabama, Alabama A&M University and Florida Atlantic University. In the second thrust area Alabama A & M University is working towards producing pure and uniform precursor grain size with controlled grain boundaries for nano-crystalline laser applications. Partners in this team will be Tuskegee University and University of Alabama Huntsville. 

ACNM is housed within Tuskegee University Center for Advanced Materials (T-CAM).

For additional information, please contact Dr. Mahesh V. Hosur (PI/Director-ACNM, or Dr. Shaik Jeelani (Director, T-CAM,