How to Apply

  • The application for employment may be downloaded from our website, picked up in our office, or requested by calling (334) 727-8510. When applying for a job, please provide the Office of Human Resources Management with one set of your application materials (including the application form, transcript, and 3 letters of reference) for each position. The application materials are forwarded to the hiring department for review.

  • Please fill out the application form completely. If you leave any blanks on the form, or if you do not attach all the required materials, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be referred to hiring departments.

  • If your application materials do not clearly reflect that you meet all of the posted minimum hiring standards for a position, your application will not be forwarded to the hiring department. For example, if "supervisory experience" is required, make sure your application clearly describes your previous supervisory duties.

  • Candidates may apply by mail, fax or in person for all positions which do not require skill demonstrations, such as typing tests. Materials may be faxed to 334-724-4319. Typing tests are offered in the Office of Human Resources Management by appointment only.

  • All application materials (such as letters of reference, transcripts, etc.) must be submitted at the time of application.

  • Applications are accepted for posted positions only.

  • Only the Office of Human Resources Management is authorized to make employment offers. All offers will be extended from this office.

  • All appropriate persons including, the President of the University and the employee must sign the employment contract before any work is performed.