Office of the Chief

The Tuskegee University Police Department (TUPD), in keeping with the standard police motto, "To Serve and Protect," is faced with a tremendous responsibility and an exciting challenge. The department has a total compliment of 33 full time employees and additional part-time employees. Members of the department are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Our responsibilities are similar to that of a municipal police department. In addition to enforcing the applicable state laws, the TUPD Officer must also serve as counselor, guardian, disciplinarian and advisor. Considering the high level of qualifications needed for a TUPD Officer, special attention is given to the application and selection process. The goal is to select the best qualified.

We greet the upcoming challenges with positive anticipation and an eager awareness. I wish you well as you continue on your educational journey.

- Patrick W. Mardis, Sr.
Chief of Police
Tuskegee University Police Department