Agroforestry/SilvoPasture Workshop

Scheduled for May 3, 2014 at the Caprine Research and Education Unit, Tuskegee University. 

Silvopasture is a sustainable agroforestry practice where trees and forage crops are grown together in a single piece of land, and grazing animals are introduced into the system to utilize the forages. Forage and livestock components provide regular short-term income while waiting for trees to be ready for sale. Studies have shown that, if properly managed, silvopasture can be more beneficial economically and environmentally than either tree or pasture mono-crop. This workshop will aware and train participants on establishing, managing, and utilizing silvopasture system. The major topics of the workshop will be as follows:

Workshop Topics/Activities (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.):  

  • Silvopasture introduction
  • Silvopasture design, tree establishment, management, and harvest
  • Silvopasture case studies
  • Integration of meat goats with loblollypine silvopasture  
  • Meat goats raised on cow peas and bahiagrass-loblolly pine silvopasture
  • Opportunities and challenges of silvopasture system for raising beef cattle and meat goats: Producers' experience
  • Hands-on activities
Registration Fee:  $10.00 (if pre-registered by April 15, 2013); $15.00 (after April 15, 2014)
Please reserve your place today by sending registration form along with the registration fee to: Ms. Yvonne Wright, 201 Morrison-Mayberry Hall, Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program, Tuskegee, AL 36088. For registration questions, please contact Ms. Wright - Phone: 334-724-4440, E-mail:

Driving Directions:
  1. Driving from Montgomery: Take I-85 North towards Atlanta, Take EXIT 32, toward Tuskegee/Franklin, Turn right onto Pleasant Springs Dr/Tuskegee-Franklin Rd. Continue to follow Pleasant Springs Dr., Turn left onto Franklin Rd. (Franklin Rd is just past CR-50, If you reach CR-81 you've gone a little too far), Turn left.0.6 miles past Counsel Dr (If you reach Motley Ln you've gone about 0.3 miles too far) to Tuskegee University Farm through a red gate, Turn left onto Campus Rd. and keep on driving towards the end of this road to get to the training venue.
  2. Driving directions from Montgomery to the training venue: Take I-85 S towards Montgomery (around 118 miles), Take EXIT 38, toward Tuskegee/Notasulga (0.2 mi) Turn left onto AL-81 (3.4 mi) (highway bends), Turn right onto Old Montgomery Road at the traffic light (Burger King on the left), Drive past the University gates, and bear right at the next traffic light onto Franklin Rd. NW (1.6 mi), Turn right through a Tuskegee University Farm gate (red gate) (0.2 mi), Turn left onto Campus Rd. (0.3 mi).
  3. Driving directions from Birmingham: Take I-65 South to Montgomery and follow direction provided from Montgomery to Tuskegee.
Contact Information:
Any question about the program must be directed to Dr. Uma Karki, Phone: 334-727-8336, E-mail:, or Dr. Nar Gurung, Phone: 334-727-8457, E-mail:

Program Support Team
  • Ms. Yvonne Wright
  • Ms. Karen Craig
  • Ms. Gwendolyn Harris
  • Ms. Juanita McBride
  • Dr. Anthony Kumi
  • Mr. Danny Williams
  • Ms. DyAnthony Jenkins
  • Ms. Shaundia McLean
  • Mr. Alphonso Elliott
Program Sponsors:
  • Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program