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EVENT: Sustainable Year-Round Forage Production and Grazing/Browsing Management for Saving Production Costs
DATE: March 31, 2017
WHERE: 102 Mary Starke Harper Hall Tuskegee University, 1200 West Montgomery Road, Tuskegee, AL 36088

The objective of this program is to educate pasture-based livestock producers and field agricultural professionals, and eventually make them able to implement practices to enhance the sustainable pasture-based livestock production system. Experts from Tuskegee University and Alabama Natural Resources Conservation Service will be speaking at the event. Funding support for this program is provided by USDA/NIFA Capacity Building Grant. More information about the event is presented in the Program Flyer and Agenda.

Participation to this event is free; however, preregistration is required for management purpose by March 11, 2017. Registration can be made ONLINE or filling in this REGISTRATION FORM and mailing it to the designated address provided on it. Please register quickly and secure your seat on time. Working lunch and morning and afternoon snacks will be provided.