Training on Preparing and Showing Meat Goats

This training has been designed for training and educating Alabama youths (19 years and under) to compete in meat-goat shows. Youth participation in goat shows can be rewarding in many ways, such as learning about goats and their care and management from the very early age, developing leadership and confidence while participating in the actual shows, and gaining show skills. This kind of involvement may even help these youths to choose their career in animal science, veterinary science, farming, or other animal-related occupations as they grow up. There are several aspects that youths and their parents/guardian must be familiar with to be able to successfully compete in goat shows and win. The purpose of this training is to teach the youths from Alabama and aware their parents on the major aspects of preparing and showing meat goats. 

Major training topics 
• Preparation before goat procurement
• Show goat selection/procurement 
• Care and management of show goats
• Training  and preparation of goats for the show
• Attire and presentation at the show
• Goat show events in Alabama

Hands-on and demonstration session
• Training and positioning show goats
• Health inspection of show goats (body condition score, hoof, teeth, anemia, body coat, external parasites, abscesses, and other abnormalities)
• Hoof trimming, cleaning, and grooming

Workshop venues and time are arranged based on the availability of youths, their, parents, and the trainer(s). Normally, the training starts in June and ends in October each year. However, training sessions can be conducted in other months as well should there be a demand. 

Registration fee: None. 

Contact for further information: Dr. Uma Karki - Email:, Phone: (334)727-8336 (Office), (334) 421-2139 (Cell).