About Us

Tuskegee University is an independent and state-related institution of higher education.  Its programs serve a student body that is coeducational as well as racially, ethnically and religiously diverse.



About Us

People through Alabama’s 67 counties have the opportunity to access 4-H and Youth Development Program resources and expertise through the educational network provided by Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program (TUCEP) and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES).
TUCEP’s 4-H and Youth Development is a component of the cooperative extension. Funding for TUCEP’s youth development programs is jointly provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state and county governments. Our youth development programs target underserved audiences. Read more.

Our Focus

4-H Science programs reach more than 5 million youth with hands-on learning experiences to encourage young minds and help fill our nation’s shortage of young leaders proficient in science, engineering, and technology. Our science programs tackle important national and global issues such as climate change, workforce development, and technological innovation. Read more.

4-H has always emphasized the importance of developing passionate, well-informed citizens who are involved in their communities and help to foster positive social change. Civic engagement helps young people understand the big picture and learn skills that will encourage them to become engaged, responsible citizens and successful leaders. With 4-H citizenship programs, youth learn how to lead, make decisions, and contribute to their communities from an early age. Read more.

Healthy Living
Healthy living is just plain smart. That’s why it’s been a core belief of 4-H since the beginning. By supporting the physical, mental, and emotional health of our nation's youth, we help them lead healthy and productive lives into adulthood. Programs address such critical issues as childhood obesity, substance abuse, and physical safety. Read more.

Youth & Adult Volunteer Development Program

Youth Extension Paraprofessional (YEP)
The Youth Extension Paraprofessional program is designed to train young people as paraprofessionals in a focused problem area within the priority areas established by TUCEP. This volunteer development program targets youth interested in developing their knowledge and skills in subject matter areas, including learning about the tenets of Extension, program delivery, citizenship and civic engagement, service learning, and leadership development.

Volunteer Training Program
The changing demographics of the America population also call for volunteers to serve communities through service providers.  Nonprofit organizations providing service to the aging population, communities hit with disaster, or communities plague with social problems require volunteers and majority of people offer free time to provide their expertise in these areas.  Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program recruits and trains interested youth and adults in tenets of positive youth development to work closely with youth and their families to lead healthy and productive lifestyles. 

If you are interested in enrolling or enrolling your youth in our programs, please fill in this application form and mail it to us. 
To volunteer, please fill in this appication Form and mail it to us. 
Click here to visit the Tuskegee University Volunteer Training Program

To Make the Best Better

Learn by Doing
I pledge:

My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty,
My Hands to larger service, and
My Health to better living,
For my club, community,
My country and my world.




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