Tuskegee University Weapons Policy

 August 26, 2013

Applies to: Students, faculty, staff, contractors, vendors, volunteers, and visitors                                                                  


Tuskegee University is a weapons-free campus. The University has a long-standing commitment to provide a campus that is safe and secure for students, their families, and the greater Tuskegee community. Possession of any weapon on campus, or at university functions, by any person not specifically authorized, as explained below, is strictly prohibited and will result in serious action by the University.


Tuskegee University prohibits any person from using, possessing, carrying, displaying, or distributing any weapon on university property regardless whether the owner of the weapon has a permit to carry concealed weapons. This prohibition includes employees, contractors, visitors, students, volunteers and vendors performing work for the University, whether working on or off University premises. The exceptions to this prohibition are Tuskegee University Police, or other certified law enforcement officers acting within the scope of their employment. In addition, ROTC instructors and enrolled ROTC students may carry and use weapons only for University approved training, and at officially authorized ceremonies, parades, and drills. Other exceptions to this policy will be considered by the President on a case by case basis.

Any instrument that has been designed or can be used to cause harm to another individual, either offensively or defensively, will be considered a weapon. Examples of weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, knives, any explosive device, including fireworks, and other dangerous materials. Items that appear to be weapons, such as toy guns, also are prohibited, regardless whether those items can inflict harm.

For the purposes of this policy, University campus includes not only the campus premises, but also, all facilities or vehicles controlled, or used, by the University, its students, faculty, employees or contractors, and any affiliated foundation. For example, weapons are prohibited in such facilities as the Cleve L. Abbott Memorial Alumni Stadium, Daniel “Chappie” James Arena and the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Tuskegee University. Any weapon at any location may be confiscated by University Police.


All members of the Tuskegee community have the responsibility to report the presence of weapons. If there is an immediate threat of violence, call 911 right away and call the Tuskegee Police 24 hour/7 day hotline at 334-724-4911, or call the TU Chief of Police directly at 334-421-3538 (cell) to report such weapons sightings and other emergencies.


Tuskegee University will take seriously all reports of weapons on campus. Any person found to violate a provision of this policy would be subject to all appropriate penalties under University policy and applicable Alabama and federal laws, including criminal proceedings. The range of actions taken in response may include removal of persons and weapons from the University campus, arrests, suspension, termination and termination of contractors’ or vendors’ contracts. Students who violate the weapons policy may be subject to suspension, expulsion, or such other disciplinary action as may be prescribed in the Tuskegee University Student Code of Conduct. Employee violations may be resolved in accordance with employer policies, up to and including termination.

Campus police may, solely at their discretion, secure weapons for non-students seeking to enter University premises, provided those individuals notify campus police before they enter University premises. University police also have the option to secure weapons for non-students who declare them.

Retaliation against any member of the Tuskegee University community who reports the presence of weapons on campus is a violation of this policy. Any individual who engages in retaliation will be subject to penalties similar to those imposed for possession of a weapon. For students, those penalties may include suspension and/or expulsion.

This policy will be posted at key entry/exit points on campus and published on the Tuskegee University website and in staff, faculty, and student handbooks, and will be provided to every new freshman, graduate and transfer student, and supersedes any contrary provisions.

 Updated as of August 26, 2013