Academic Info. for Students

Other Relevant Info. & Deadlines

- Spring Final Exam Schedule for Graduating Seniors
- Spring Final Exam Schedule for Undergrads
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Information
- Filing a FERPA Complaint
Additional Information Regarding FERPA 
Degree Verification
- Enrollment Verification  
- Laboratory Fee Sheet
- Maximum and Minimum Class Loads
- Health Care Provisions and Restrictions
- Course Selection Tips
- Tuskegee University Degree Programs
- Applying for Tuskegee University Scholarships
- Veterans Benefits
- Regulations Regarding Grades (taken from the
TU Academic Regulations & Procedures for
Undergraduates Manual)

- Preparing for Graduation
- Candidates for Graduation "Musts" and Deadlines
- Auditing a Course
- Change in Registration - Add/Drop
- Continuous Registration and Candidate for Degree
- Credit Hour Policy 
- Credit Hours & Class Attendance
- Cancellation of Classes
- Official Withdrawal and Unofficial Drop & Withdrawal
- Release of Grades
- Provisional or Curriculum Balance Sheet

About the Registrar's Office

Download Forms

- Mission and Purpose
- Hours of Operation
- Registrar's Office Staff
- Important Policies
- Transcript Request Process

- Update Student Contact Information
- Request for Second Major
- Veterans Benefit Data
- Request to Inspect and Review Records
- Release Student Record
- Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information

TigerWeb and Blackboard Tutorials

- Searching & Registering for Courses Using TigerWeb
- Making a Payment Using TigerWeb
- Blackboard Video Tutorials