Enrollment Verification


  1. Requests of Letters of Enrollment Verification are written in a 3-ring notebook at the Registrar's Office Service Counter.  These requests may be picked up or mailed per customer.
  2. Students who hand deliver Loan Deferment Request Forms and Enrollment Verification Forms to the Office of the Registrar must sign a Deferment/Verification Form Checklist at the Registrar's Service Counter when forms are submitted.Students may pick up completed forms five working days after delivery to the Registrar.  The Registrar's Office will Fax or mail the form and letter only request.
  3. Students who pick up completed Verification or Deferment Forms must sign and date the list at the Service Counter.
  4. Students should provide all necessary information when making requests for enrollment verification.
  5. There is no charge for Loan deferment or Enrollment Verification requests, forms and letters.