Center/Integrated Study of Food Animal and Plant Systems

At Tuskegee University’s Center for Integrated Study of Food Animal and Plant Systems, a systems approach is used to study the full dimension of food systems (animal and plants) from food production to consumption. The Center represents a joint effort between the College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health and the College of Agriculture, Environmental and Natural Sciences. These programs provide a unique national resource at an Historically Black University in food production, food processing and food safety, as well as computer modeling and information systems. The mission is to advance excellence in teaching, learning of decision-making in food systems (e.g. risk analysis and modeling); create innovative processes for science-based policy development; and share and transfer successful food safety intervention strategies nationally and internationally. A key strategic partnership with selected U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies has been formed. Collaborative engagements exist with other federal agencies, universities, corporations, producers, processors and community groups that assist in integrating research, education, training and outreach to enhance lifelong learning and disseminate information on food safety and security.

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