Graduate Program in Agricultural and Resource Economics (AGEC)

The Agricultural and Resource Economics Program seeks to facilitate the development of competencies in economic analysis of agriculture, food and fiber systems. The program admits students with B.S. degrees in agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, or natural resources general economics, and other areas related to Agricultural Economics. The program focuses on (1) agricultural production and agribusiness management, (2) natural resource economics, and (3) rural/international economic development.


AGEC 0501. ECONOMIC PLANNING . 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Relation of resources to economic growth, including regional problems; planning economic development with emphasis on selected resource use in agriculture; and economic progress in developing countries.

AGEC 0502. NATURAL RESOURCE ECONOMICS . 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Economic principles applied to problems of natural resource use productivity, development and conservation. Emphasis on key agriculture resources.

AGEC 0503. PRODUCTION ECONOMICS. 2nd Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Economic principles of production. Analysis of product and factor relationships in production. Factor supply and demand analysis. Management concepts and choice criteria. Agricultural economic applications to real life situations. Production and planning over time. Introduction to linear programming.

AGEC 0505. FARM MANAGEMENT. 2nd Semester Lect. 3, 3 credits. Economic principles applied to organization and operations of farms; introduction to farm financial management techniques.

AGEC 0513. AGRICULTURAL PRICES . 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Use of economic theory and quantitative methods to solve problems in agricultural price analysis, problem formulation, forecasting and model evaluation of structural economic relations.

AGEC 0515. MARKETING OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS. 2nd Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. The U.S. agricultural marketing system and the changes in the marketing structure and practice. Marketing margins, and derived demand; supply and demand relationship, elasticities; production and marketing information.

AGEC 0553. MACROECONOMICS AND APPLICATIONS IN AGRICULTURE. 2nd Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. An advanced look at theory and applications to agriculture of the circular flow framework, supply and demand in the macro-economy, labor and factor markets, aggregate real supply and demand analysis; effects of fiscal and monetary policy on the price level, real output, and unemployment; budget deficits, and stability of the banking system.


AGEC 0600. SEMINAR: CURRENT ISSUES IN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS . 1st and 2nd Semesters. Lect. 1, 1-3 credits. Oral reports and discussion on current issues in agricultural economics.

AGEC 0602. AGRICULTURAL POLICY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES . 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Agriculture in the structure of developing nations; its role in economic development; historical experience and models; sectoral policies relating to prices, inputs, productivity, and marketing; international inputs into agricultural development.

AGEC 0604. MICROECONOMICS. THEORY AND APPLICATIONS TO AGRICULTURE. 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Advanced topics in consumer and producer theory and applications to agriculture, equilibrium models and their application to agriculture, externalities and public goods, welfare, alternative market structures, simple dynamic models and resource depletion, choice and uncertainty.

AGEC 0613. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT IN AGRICULTURE . 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Principles of investment decision and financial control relating to management of cost, credit, insurance and debt. Use of financial management principles in the analysis of problems such as budgeting, investment, marketing and savings.

AGEC 0615. QUANTITATIVE METHODS. 1st Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Statistical methods and their applications; probability density and distribution functions as background studying principles of economic model construction. Emphasis on econometrics modeling and analyses; decision problems' programming, scheduling and network; special topics of current interest.

AGEC 0618. Agricultural POLICY. 2nd Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Public issues involving agriculture and rural development topics relating to price controls, nutrition policy, food safety, farm labor, use of finite resources, marketing orders, production controls, etc.

AGEC 0620. ADVANCED MARKETING OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS. lst Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Principles of industrial marketing and their relevance to agricultural marketing; standardization of diversified farm products; market differentiation; competitive structure and performance of the marketing system, and the role of marketing research; marketing in economic development. Prerequisite: AGEC 0515.

AGEC 0622. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. lst Semester. Lect. 3, 3 credits. Selection, planning, and conduct of research; Alternative approaches, role of theory, beliefs and values. Critical appraisal of research tools and studies; empirical development, presentation and defense of researchable problems by students. Prerequisite: one year of graduate work, including statistics.

AGEC 0630. SPECIAL PROBLEMS IN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS . 1st and 2nd Semesters. Summer. 1, 3 credits. Special studies for graduate students in Agricultural Economics. A discussion and presentation of topics not in regularly offered courses.

AGEC 0700. RESEARCH IN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS. 1st and 2nd Semesters. Summer. 1-6 credits. Research in thesis problems under the direction of a major advisor. Students in this program will be required to select research problems on a specific topic concentrating on the investigation of problems of Agricultural Economics.

AGEC 0752. CONTINUOUS REGISTRATION . 1st and 2nd Semesters. Summer. 0 credits. Restricted to graduate students who have taken all courses including AGEC 700 and need to use the service and resources of the University to complete their theses or reading for graduate examinations. Students may have a maximum of two registrations only; afterward registration as a regular graduate student will be required until the degree requirements have been completed. Prerequisite: Permission of major advisor.

AGEC 0754. CANDIDATE FOR DEGREE ONLY. 1st and 2nd Semesters, Summer. 0 credits. Restricted to graduate students who have completed all requirements for graduate degree including final oral or comprehensive examination, submission of thesis and approval of the thesis by the Office of the Graduate Programs. Students will be permitted to register in the category one time only.