Undergraduate Study: A program is offered for the Chemistry major that leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The Tuskegee University program is designed to prepare students for entry into graduate study, professional health-related schools or governmental or industrial employment as chemists. The curriculum required of a chemistry major provides general education courses in addition to the chemistry core courses.

The undergraduate program is approved by the American Chemical Society, Committee on Professional Training, 1155-16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 872-4589. Students majoring in Chemistry who complete selected additional requirements receive certification from the American Chemical Society.

The Chemistry Department in cooperation with other areas has developed several dual majors for students preparing for careers requiring interdisciplinary studies. Such dual majors exist in Biology/Chemistry, Physics/Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/Chemistry. Students seeking a dual major must receive approval from both departments involved.


Freshman Year

1st Semester Cr.   2nd Semester Cr.
READ 101## Reading 1   READ 102## Reading 1
ENGL 101## English 3   ENGL 102## English 3
CHEM 231/233 Chemistry 5   CHEM 232/234 Chemistry 5
HIST 103 History 3   HIST 104 History 3
PHED Phys. Ed. 1   PHED Phys. Ed. 1
MATH 207 Mathematics 4   MATH 208 Mathematics 4
1ORE 100 Orientation 0        
  Total 17     Total 17


Sophomore Year

1st Semester Cr.   2nd Semester Cr.
CHEM 237/238 Chemistry 4   PHYS 311/314 Physics 4
CHEM 320/322 Chemistry 5   CHEM 307/308 Chemistry 5
MATH 209 Mathematics 4   CHEM 321/323 Chemistry 5
PHYS 310/313 Physics 4   ELECTIVE Humanities 2
  Total 17     Total 16


Junior Year

1st Semester Cr.   2nd Semester Cr.
CSCI 205 or 229 Computer Sci 3   CHEM 402/404 Chemistry 5
CHEM 401/403 Chemistry 5   ELECTIVE 2nd Conc. 3
ELECTIVE 2nd Conc. 3   ELECTIVE Humanities 2
ELECTIVE Social Sci 3   ELECTIVE Social Sci 6
  Total 14     Total 16


Senior Year

1st Semester Cr.   2nd Semester Cr.
ELECTIVE Humanities 6   ELECTIVE Free 6
CHEM 541** Chemistry 3   ELECTIVE Humanities 3
ELECTIVE 2nd Conc. 3   CHEM 513** Chemistry 3
CHEM 551 Chemistry 1   ELECTIVE 2nd Conc. 3-4
ELECTIVE Social Sci 3   CHEM 552 Chemistry 1
  Total 16     Total 16-17


# A minimum average of "C" is required in chemistry courses.

##A minimum grade of "C" is required.

* Based on SAT/ACT results, a student may be required to take Reading 101 and/or Reading 102. Each reading course yields one hour credit and must be taken during the first year of enrollment. Additionally, a student may be required to take English 100, a 3 credit hour course. A minimum grad of "C" is required in English 100 and each Reading course.

** For certification by the American Chemical Society; a student must pass Chemistry 513, Chemistry 541, and an additional six credit hours of advanced chemistry (e.g., undergraduate research and/or specified 500-level courses). A student may choose to take six credit hours of advanced physics or six credit hours of advanced mathematics or a combination of these subjects as a replacement for advanced chemistry.

A student who wishes to complete a Minor in Chemistry must compete at least the following 19 credit hours (beyond General Chemistry): CHEM 237, 320, 321, 322, 323, 307 and 401.