Marceline Egnin, Ph.D.


Phone: 334-724-4404 or 727-8084

The Pennsylvania State University Ph.D. 1992 Genetics /Molecular Biology
The Pennsylvania State University M.S. 1988 Genetics and Plant Breeding
Université d'Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire Maîtrise 1985 Genetique
Université d'Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire B.S. 1983 Biological (Natural) Science


  • Associate Research Professor of Plant Biotechnology, Tuskegee University 2000-present
  • Coordinator, Plant Biotech and Genomic Research Program 2001-Present
  • Co-Director Southern AgBiotech Consortium for Underserved Communities Program 2000-present
  • Research Assistant Professor of Plant Molecular Genetics, Tuskegee University 1997-2000
  • Research Scientist NASA/CFESH, Tuskegee University 1993-1997
Biotechnology and Genomics


  • Research: Research in plant genomics, molecular biology, breeding, protein engineering, gene expression, tissue culture. Expression of nutritionally and pharmacologically-active products in transgenic crops. Focus on human obesity disorder and food crops such as sweetpotato, peanut and yam.
  • New Technologies: Develop High-Protein and nutritious transgenic sweetpotato and peanut plants with value added traits; develop in-vitro systems for peanut seed production and sweetpotato edible root; NIH project EXPORT with genomics and vaccine related to obesity gene and leptin profiling.
  • Work featured in: Wall Street Journal; US Black Engineer Magazine; Montgomery Advertiser; pamphlets; Village Voice- 1998 Trend of Nature; Peanut Farmers-1998; Agricell report-1998, 2000 & 2001; Demegen Press Releases; Chemical Online; Focus (Germany); Biosafety News (Kenya); NASA Press Release, Union Spring News; The History Channel, Alabama Agricultural Video; WSFA Morning News; Tuskegee News; Selma News.
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Teaching: PLSS 595 & EVSC 595 Special Problem, PLSS 700 & EVSC 700 Research; Guess Lectures on biotechnology/Genomics in Drs. Prakash, Biswas, Rhoden, Brown and Hileman/ Classes.
Advisement: Advisor for 35 graduate/undergraduate students; Trained 30 International Visiting Scientists; Trained 350 K-12 youth, 120 K-12 teachers and 5 extension agents.
  • H Gao (May 2006) Differential Gene Expression Profiling in Sweetpotato Storage Root Development.
  • P Karanja (July 2004) Molecular Approach To Sweetpotato Microstorage Root Formation in vitro.
  • A Williams (2004) Development of In-vitro System for Peanut Micropropagation and Seed Production.
  • S Kone-Coulibaly (2004) Differentially Expression of genes during Yam Post Harvest storage.
  • M Walker (August 2003) Molecular characterization of Super-High Protein Sweetpotato.
  • Chantal Daniels (2001) Development of Sweetpotato Tissue Culture and Transformation Techniques.
  • Jacqueline Jackson (May 2000) Expression of Pharmacologically-Active Products in Peanut
  • Xiaoping Zhu (1998) Engineering Sweetpotato and Tobacco with Rabies Vaccine Glycoproteins.
Outreach Activities: Bringing biotech genomics and biotechnology education Program to K-12 youth and teachers, and to Sub-Saharan African Communities, bringing valued-added crop to Southern Underserved Communities-Farmers, USDA High School Apprenticeship Program, Summer High School Internship.
Educational Workshop Organized: Southern AgBiotech Consortium of Underserved Community (SACUC) Teachers AgBiotech Workshop Summer 2002, 2003, 2004 &2005; SACUC Community Outreach workshop Fall 2002, 2003 and June 2004; SACUC Biotech Commodity Outreach Fall 2002 to 2004; Summer Youth (K-12) Biotech Experiential Learning Summers 1996 to 2005; Kenyan Teachers’ and Students’ Biotechnology Workshop July 2004, Nairobi, Kenya. Co-convener Nutraceuticals and Biopharming/Vaccines (SIVB).
Delegate to the USAID African Biotechnology Partnership Meeting Nairobi, 2002; USDA/CSREES 2005 Invited Success Story Presentation for Successful Implementation of IFAFs Biotech Outreach Consortium Project (2000-2005)

International Impact
  • Dr. Ramanjini Gowda, Univ.Agri Sciences (India) Biopolymer and Rabies genes in sweetpotato.
  • Dr. Qihan Xue, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China) Green Fluorescent Protein gene.
  • Mr. Aswaldi Anwar (Indonesia) Radiation-Induced mutations in Sweetpotato Tissue Cultures. IAEA.
  • Mr. Martin Steinau (Germany) Transformation with Sweetpotato Crinivirus CP Resistance Gene.
  • Mr. Tarek Radwan (Egypt) Tissue Culture and Transformation/Techniques for medicinal plants.
  • Mrs. Agnes Alajo (Uganda) Tissue Culture/Transformation Techniques for African Sweetpotato. UNESCO.
  • Ms. Dinh Thi Phong (Vietnam) Transformation of Vietnamese Sweetpotato Cultivars. ISAAA.
  • Anne Sama (Cameroon) Tissue Culture/Transformation Techniques for African Taro. TU-SABRAD.
  • Ms. Marian Dorcas Quain (Ghana) Dioscorea Species & Solenostemon Rotundifolius. World Bank.
  • Prof Walter Alhassan (Ghana) Biotech Outreach To West Africa. (USAID/ABSP II, August 2005)
The 1996 USDA Group Honor Award for Professional Excellence in NASA Space Research; The 1996 CSRES Award for Distinguished Scientific Research; Certificate of Appreciation in Environmental Science Training for Retention and Excellence in Sciences; Member Society of In Vitro Biology Plant Group; Delegate USAID African Biotechnology Partnership Meeting, Nairobi, 2002; Invited Fellow Salzburg Seminar 2001.