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 Advisory Board (FNSAB)

FNS Stuedents Internship Presentations during the FNSAB visit on 10-17-2013 


To facilitate the continued growth/development of students and the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences as an institution with "High Standards of Excellence" for education and research.

Mission Statement

To provide meaningful and effective advise and funding to support the development of cutting edge research programs and curricula to produce students that are prepared to succeed in their professional careers in either academia or industry.

Support Programs

Internships: Summer availability at major food industry companies
Mentorships: One-on-one with FNS Advisors and FNSAB Members
Scholarships: FNSAB funded annually up to $2500.00

FNSAB Company/Organization Representation

Balchem Encapsulates
Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, HHS 
Coalescence, LLC
Department of Food & Nutritional Sciences, TU
Food and Nutrition Service, USDA
Haile Mehansho Consulting, LLC
International Product Safety Consultants, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Kerry Ingradients & Flavours 
PepsiCo, Inc.
Proctor & Gamble
Solae Company   

Other FNS Support Groups

Tuskegee Central Alabama Health Care System
Tuskegee University / Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences / Alumni 

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