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Faculty and Staff

FNS Faculty & Staff, September 2015


Ralphenia Pace, Department Head
Address: 208 Morrison-Mayberry Building
Phone: 334-727-8323
Fax: 334-727-8812
Position: Professor and Head, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences
Education: 1990 Licensed Dietitian (LD); 1984, Registered Dietitian (RD); Ph.D.1980, Nutritional Sciences, Auburn University

Adelia C. Bovell-Benjamin
Phone: 334-727-8717
Position:  Research Professor, Food and Nutritional Sciences
Education:  Ph.D. Nutrition, Designated Emphasis: International Nutrition University of  California, Davis, 1998
Research Interests : International nutrition, lipid oxidation, food product development with emphasis on sensory science.  Nutritional, dietary and cancer prevention issues among African Americans.

Elaine Bromfield
Phone: 334-727-8906
Position: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution; Minor in Student Personnel Administration, 2009
Research Interests: Food product development, Menu development
Publications: Refereed Journal Articles (2)
Norma L. Dawkins
Phone: 334-727-8028
Position: Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., Food Science and Nutrition, Wayne State University, Detroit, 1994
Research Interests: Research interest is focused on product development and community nutrition with emphasis on indigenous and nontraditional foods and community nutrition interventions in the prevention of diet-related illnesses with focus on nutrition education and physical activity in reduction of risk factors for CVD and obesity, respectively.
Publications: Refereed Journal Articles (12), Conference/Abstracts (34), Progress Reports (4), Evaluation Report (2)

Beatrice W. Phillips (Retired)
Phone: 334-727-8326
Position: Associate Professor of Dietetics; Director, Dietetics Program
Education: Ed.D., Adult Education (Nutrition Education), , Auburn University, Auburn, 1990
Research Interests: Food Choices- A stage-based intervention to increase fruits and vegetables in diets of young adults.
Publications: Refereed Journal Articles (10+), Technic, al Presentations (25+), Technical Reports (1)

Byungjin Min  
Phone: 334-727-8393
Position: Assistant Professor
Education: Food Science and Human Nutrition, Ph.D., Clemson University, Clemson, SC. 2007.
Research Interests: Food Safety. Research emphasis is in the area of microbial contamination caused by foodborne pathogens in fresh produce as well as in processed foods. Shelf-life extension of foods through green packaging systems incorporated with biodegradable resources and natural antimicrobials or antioxidants. Other research area is bio-ethanol production.
Publications: Refereed Journal Articles (10+), Conference proceedings/Abstracts (30+), Book Chapter (1)


Angela Fells
204 Morrison-Mayberry Building
Position: Administrative Assistant, 204 Campbell Hall
Phone: 334-727-8162
Fax: 334-727-8812

Peter Gichuhi
Research Associate
Phone: 334-727-8668

Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, 204 Morrison-Mayberry Building, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088 
Phone: 334-727-8162, Fax: 334-727-8812, E-mail: