Elaine Bromfield


Email:  bromfie@mytu.tuskegee.edu
Phone: 334-727-8906

Director of Academic Advising at Tuskegee University, Office of the Provost
Research Associate, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Tuskegee University 1992-present

Teaching: Every person has the innate capacity to be all they can be when effectively challenged.
Outreach: Outreach is one way of leaving your footprints in society’s sand.
Research: To be an influential researcher, one must acquire the skills and the knowledge to perform the research, and most importantly approach each step with a passion!

  • instrumental in coordinating the development, processing and commercialization of sweetpotato and peanut products
  • determine the nutritive composition of selected sweetpotato and peanut cultivars
  • the development of new uses primarily (but not only) in food preparation 
  • collaborative menu development for nutritionally balanced and palatable meals 
  • the establishment of safe storage and suitable food processing methods for space mission
  • conduct sensory evaluation and shelf life studies on various sweetpotato products being developed for long-term space missions and application on earth
  • supervise High School Summer Interns in Food Product Development projects over a period of six weeks
  • summer program director for the Spaceflight, Lunar Sciences and Technology Program at Kennedy Space Center
  • academic advisor for incoming Freshman
  • coordinated all activities relevant to the Hospitality Management Program, including but not limited to networking, recruiting, and proposal writing for external funding, student and faculty professional development
  • teach undergraduate level courses related to Hotel, Food Service Administration and Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • advise students in their academic, professional and personal life in an effort to prepare them for the real world of work
  • conducted a three-week Hotel Management Training Workshop for Hoteliers in Ghana, Africa through Winrock International – Volunteer Organization
  • consultant for an independent owner/farmer in Sugar Cane Syrup production, processing and commercialization.

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  • Abstracts and Manuscripts Submitted
  • Habitation 2006, Orlando, FL
  • 14th Biennial Research Symposium 2006, Atlanta, GA.
  • 36th International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) 2006, Norfolk, VA
  • L. A. Potts Memorial Success Story
  • Tuskegee University Summer Youth College Program Certificate of Appreciation
  • Ford Motor Company-Tuskegee University Certificates of Achievement for Completion of Personal and Professional Development Seminars
  • Tuskegee University College of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences Recognition for support of the Graduating Student Recognition Banquet
  • The National Scholars Honor Society Award of Achievement
  • Certificates of Appreciation as Food Hospitality Instructor in the FETE Summer Youth College Program
  • The Orchid Club of Tuskegee Certificates of Appreciation in Support of the Beautillion Workshops
  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
  • Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service
  • The Orchid Club of Tuskegee Appreciation Award for Outstanding and Dedicated Service in Support of the Beautillion Workshops
  • Past President Southeastern College Teachers of Food, Nutrition and Food Administration
  • Sensory Evaluation of Food and Consumer Products Certificate of Completion
  • Inclusion in Who’s Who Worldwide Registry
  • USDA/CSREES Fellow
  • National Urban League Inc. Certification of Appreciation
  • Tuskegee University Hospitality Management Appreciation Award
  • Tuskegee University Outstanding Faculty Performance Award for Teaching
  • Tuskegee University Outstanding Performance Award for Service
  • Tuskegee University Outstanding Advisor
  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Recognition, Faculty Internship Award in Contract Management Services
  • Tuskegee/NASA Center for Food and Environmental Systems for Human Exploration of Space
  • Spaceflight, Lunar Sciences and Technology Program/NASA/Kennedy Space Center/Tuskegee University
  • Tuskegee Human Subject Participant Committee Member
  • International Food and Nutrition Conference Committee Member
  • Winrock International Volunteer
  • Professional Agricultural Workers Conference-Hospitality Committee
  • International Food and Nutritional Sciences Institute-Hospitality Committee
  • Institute of Food Technologist
  • Tuskegee University Food and Nutritional Sciences Advisory Board, Tuskegee University Human Subject Review Board
  • Food and Nutrition Summer Institute
  • International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), Habitation
  • Auburn High School Parent Teachers’ Association
  • Auburn High School Band Parent Association
  • Grace Church of the Firstborn Youth Summer Camp
  • The National Scholars Honor Society
  • Society for the Advancement of Food and Science Research
  • National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners
  • Educational Institute of the American Hotel/Motel Association
  • Southeastern College Teachers of Food, Nutrition and Food Administration
  • International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
  • Historically Predominant Colleges and University Consortium
  • Member of Phi Lambda Honor Society