Elaine Bromfield


Email:  bromfie@mytu.tuskegee.edu
Phone: 334-727-8906

PhD, Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution.  Nova Southeastern University, FL.
MS, Marriage and Family Therapy.  Ambridge University, AL. 
MS, Hotel and Food Service Administration.  Florida International University, FL.  
BS, Hotel Management.  University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

2011 – Present: Director of Academic Advising, Provost Office and Research Assistant Professor, Food and Nutritional Sciences.
2008 – 2011 Assistant Dean for Student Advisement/Research Assistant Professor.
2006 – 2008: Food Safety and Processing Center Coordinator/Director.
2004 – 2006: NASA Spaceflight and Life Sciences Summer Intern Program Director.
1995 – 2008: Research Associate/Instructor/Academic Advisor.
1992 – 1995: Acting Program Coordinator/Instructor/Academic Advisor.  

Teaching: Every person has the innate capacity to be all they can be when effectively challenged.
Outreach: Outreach is one way of leaving your footprints in society’s sand.
Research: To be an influential researcher, one must acquire the skills and the knowledge to perform the research, and most importantly approach each step with a passion!

  • instrumental in coordinating the development, processing and commercialization of sweetpotato and peanut products
  • determine the nutritive composition of selected sweetpotato and peanut cultivars
  • the development of new uses primarily (but not only) in food preparation 
  • collaborative menu development for nutritionally balanced and palatable meals 
  • the establishment of safe storage and suitable food processing methods for space mission
  • conduct sensory evaluation and shelf life studies on various sweetpotato products being developed for long-term space missions and application on earth
  • supervise High School Summer Interns in Food Product Development projects over a period of six weeks
  • summer program director for the Spaceflight, Lunar Sciences and Technology Program at Kennedy Space Center
  • academic advisor for incoming Freshman
  • coordinated all activities relevant to the Hospitality Management Program, including but not limited to networking, recruiting, and proposal writing for external funding, student and faculty professional development
  • teach undergraduate level courses related to Hotel, Food Service Administration and Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • advise students in their academic, professional and personal life in an effort to prepare them for the real world of work
  • conducted a three-week Hotel Management Training Workshop for Hoteliers in Ghana, Africa through Winrock International – Volunteer Organization
  • consultant for an independent owner/farmer in Sugar Cane Syrup production, processing and commercialization.
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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s (AKA) Certificate of Appreciation for the Dining Etiquette Workshop for AKA Emerging Young Leaders Initiatives, Tuskegee University Outstanding Faculty Advisement Award, Appreciation Certificate from SLSTP, L. A. Potts Memorial Success Story, Tuskegee University Summer Youth College Program Certificates of Appreciation, Tuskegee University Summer Youth College Program Instructor – Food Hospitality, Ford Motor Company-Tuskegee University Certificates of Achievement for Completion of Personal and Professional Development Seminars, Certificates of Participation for Mentor Support – NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center Education Program, Tuskegee University College of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences Recognition for support of the Graduating Student Recognition Banquet, The National Scholars Honor Society Award of Achievement, Certificates of Appreciation as Food Hospitality Instructor during the Summer Youth College Program, The Orchid Club of Tuskegee Certificates of Appreciation in Support of the Beautillion Workshops (Fine Dining Etiquette), Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service, The Orchid Club of Tuskegee Appreciation Award for Outstanding and Dedicated Service in Support of the Beautillion Workshops, Past President Southeastern College Teachers of Food, Nutrition and Food Administration, Sensory Evaluation of Food and Consumer Products Certificate of Completion, Inclusion in Who’s Who Worldwide Registry, USDA/CSREES Fellow, National Urban League Inc. Certification of Appreciation, Tuskegee University Hospitality Management Appreciation Award, Tuskegee University Outstanding Faculty Performance Award for Teaching, Tuskegee University Outstanding Performance Award for Service, Tuskegee University Outstanding Advisor Award, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Recognition, Faculty Internship Award in Contract Management Services (USDA), Certificates of Appreciation from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association for Service as Instructor of Hotel Industry Computer Systems; Food and Beverage Management; Hospitality Law and Basic Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry.