Program Overview


The Master Goat Producer's Certification Program is a comprehensive training program which offers classes on herd health, marketing, nutrition and pasture management, bio-security, bio-terrorism awareness, quality assurance, disaster preparedness, reproductive management and much, much more. The program will include hands-on training in hoof trimming, assessing body condition scores, artificial insemination, judging livestock, FAMACHA and microscopic fecal examinations, pasture management and more. There are three levels of certification and they are as follows:

        • Level One: The producer will be awarded a certificate of completion and a sign to display on the property which states the participant is a Master Goat Producer.

        Level Two: The prerequisite requirement for level two is to complete level one and complete a farm inspection.

        Level Three: The prerequisite requirements for level three is to complete levels one and two of the program and pass evaluation during a second farm inspection.


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