HBCU Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP)

For current information on HBCU-UP, please go to http://www.tuskegee.edu/academics/colleges/clae/biology/office_of_undergraduate_research.aspx.

Tuskegee University's second National Science Foundation Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU-UP) grant is focused on creating partnerships and collaborations across disciplines.  Titled " Enhanced Communication and Collaboration among STEM Disciplines through Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Research Opportunities," this effort is designed to strengthen the undergraduate curriculum and undergraduate research environment.  This grant runs from September 2004 through August 2009.

Faculty teams are addressing how to blend aspects of two or more related disciplines into courses of each curriculum or into joint courses.  To serve as examples of successfully working across disciplines, these faculty teams will develop a series of projects to provide very specific goals to be achieved.  The teams of the project will focus on the following.

  • a pilot seminar to be offered Spring 2007, initially for introductory-level biology students, whose goals are increased mathematical problem-solving skills and exposure to computer tools and strategies crucial to modern biosciences;
  • development of an aerospace science engineering flight simulation environment to teach STEM concepts and offer opportunities to build upon current student interdisciplinary research in engineering and psychology;
  • enhancement of the computer science curriculum in the areas of security concepts, ethical questions relating to computer security, and real-world training with Campus Technology Department;
  • a bioinformatics program to bring together students from various disciplines;
  • an honors summer research/curriculum program in organic chemistry (ROCKETS) offered in Summer 2005 and subsequent summers; and
  • a transition program (Bridge Program) offered in Summer 2006, a pre-college program for promising high school graduates, using computer simulations and modeling as a means to enhance critical thinking through visual applications and to practice problem-solving in a specific STEM area.

Research by undergraduates is an integral part of this approach.  Research will be designed into the interdisciplinary curriculum enhancements being developed by each of the teams.  Additionally, academic year and summer research by undergraduates will become an expected part of the program at Tuskegee University.  To assure the coordination of this internal and external research, a Director of Undergraduate Research position has been established.