Recent IA Research Grants:

1. Collaborative Research: Capacity Building through Curriculum and Faculty Development on Mobile Security, NSF Scholarship for Service Program (SFS), 2012-2015.

2. Portable Smart Platforms for Detection of Biological Pathogens and Chemicals, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Scientific Leadership Awards, 2012-2014 (Phase I).

3. System Engineering Using Secure Open Source Technology, Auburn University/DOD, 2011-2012.

4. Collaborative Project: Teaching Cryptography through Hand-on Learning and Case Studies, NSF, 2010-2013.

5. Collaborative Project: CI-TEAM Implementation Project: A Digital Forensics Cyberinfrastructure Workforce Training Initiative for America's Veterans, NSF, 2008-2012.

Recent IA Publications:

1. Yang, Y.G., Wu, F., and Liu, Y., Design and Implementation of a Remote Resident Power Monitor and Control System, to be appear in IEEE Potentials.

2. Wu, F., Agu, E., Lindsay, C., and Chen, C.H., Imperceptible Simplification on Mobile Displays, International Journal of Handheld Computing Research, 1st issue, January, 2012

3. Wu, F., Agu, E., Lindsay, C., and Chen, C.H., On Balancing  Energy Consumption, Rendering Speed, and Image Quality on Mobile Devices., International Journal of Handheld Computing Research, 3rd issue, July, 2010.

4. Chen, C.H., Narang, H., Designing an Undergraduate Cryptography Course, Proceedings, the International Conference on Frontier Education in Computer Science and Engineering (FECS 2010), July, 2010. Las Vegas, NV

5. Chen, C.H. and Chen, M.H., Secondary User Authentication Based on Mobile Devices Location, Proceedings,  the International Conference on Wireless Networks (ICWN'10), July, 2010, Las Vegas, NV.

6. Narang, H., and Chen, C.H., Introducing Cryptography Course in Compute Science, Proceedings, The ACMSE 2010 Conference, April 15, 2010.

7. Wu, F., Chen, C.H., and Narang, H., An Efficient Acceleration of Symmetric Key Cryptography Using General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit, Proceedings, the International Conference on Secureware, (SECURWARE)  July, 2010, Italy

8. Lester, C. and F. Jamerson. Designing an undergraduate software engineering project to include software security concepts. Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice. Las Vegas, NV, July 13 -16.
Lester, C. and F. Jamerson. Incorporating software security into an undergraduate software engineering course. Proceedings of the International Conference on Secureware. IEEE Computer Society Press. 2009.

9. Chia-Lin Chen, Elijah Mike, and Fan Wu, Investigating Forensic Software Solutions to Acquire Information from Mobile Devices, in the proceeding of 2010 International Conference on Security and Management (SAM-1)

10. Ali, M., Jangum, D., The Development of a Security Engineering Course at Tuskegee University, The 2009 International Conference on Security and Management, July 2009.