Computer Science Summer PREFICS Program


Computer professionals are in demand in areas such as business, science, engineering, medical technology, research, and entertainment. The Computer Science Department, located in the College of Business and Information Science at Tuskegee University, offers a program that prepares students for work in industry and government and for graduate study.

Graduates of the Computer Science Department have gone to pursue such careers as application program­mers, software engineers, system programmers, system analysts, testing engineers, and database administrators. Those who have pursued gradu­ate degrees have re­searched in areas such as software engineering, management information system, telecommunications, and information tech­nology.


PREFICS, which stands for Pre-Freshman In Computer Science, is an eight-week summer program for high school graduates. Selected students will have the opportunity to earn up to 7 credit hours in college level mathe­matics and computer science. These courses will develop and strengthen the students' problem solving and critical reasoning skills - the foundation of com­puter science.

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