Digital Forensics Lab

Through the grant by NSA, the department established a lab designated to computer forensics. The lab consists of 20 forensic workstations, a portable computer forensic workstation, and other hardware for data acquisition. Each workstation is equipped with computer forensic software, including AccessData Forensics ToolKits (FTK) and open source forensic tools. The workstations support both course instruction (CSCI 390 Computer Forensics) and research in the field of digital forensics.

The lab is expanded to include small scale digital device (SSDD) forensics. Some workstations are designated for SSDD forensics research. The newly acquired tools for SSDD forensics include Paraben Device Seizure, AccessDat MPE (Mobile Phone Examiner) and Twister Box.

The research projects include

  1. Evaluation of mobile device tools
  2. Development of digital forensic toolkit for specialized SSDD
  3. Investigation the usage of GUP in various digital forensics applications