High Performance Computing Lab

Intensive computing has now becoming a necessity for increasing number of disciplines. In Biology there has been a significant paradigm shift in both teaching and research. Intensive use of computing is now an integral part of the field of Biology. In order to meet the new requirements, a new Quantitative Genomics curriculum is being developed with collaboration between Departments of Computer Science and Biology. This effort is funded under the HBCU-UP grant from NSF.  Bioinformatics course is being offered since Fall 2009. Other courses will be introduced over a period of five years.

In order to meet computing requirements for the Quantitative Genomics program, a High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) is being established with support from the NSF HBCU-UP grant. This center will also provide High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to all faculty and students of Tuskegee University.  This facility will encourage research activities that were at present hindered due to lack of required computing resources.

The center will arrange workshops to acquaint faculty and students with the resources of HPCC.

The current resource is based on a 8-compute node plus one master node cluster.

Master Node  1

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5540 Quad Core 2.53GHz 8MB max RAM speed 1066MHz
  • 12GB, DDR3-1333 ECC (6 x 2GB)
  • RAID 1 Volume: 238 GB (2+0 x 250GB SATA2)
  • RAID 1 Volume: 953 GB (2+0 x 1TB SATA2)

Compute Nodes  8

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5540 Quad Core 2.53GHz 8MB max RAM speed 1066MHz
  • 12GB DDR3-1333 REG, ECC
  • 250GB, SATA2, 7200RPM

Infiniband interconnect