2008 - Janet McCloud-Montgomery


Janet McCloud-Montgomery, a Mother for seven years and a Computer Science specialist for over 22 years.  She decided to become a Computer specialist because of her enjoyment in problem-solving and her analytical abilities.  She wanted a career that offered longevity, challenges, growth, monetary rewards and travel.

Since graduating in 1986, Janet has worked for several Aerospace companies such as: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Rockwell International, Inc and the Aerospace Corporation in the Los Angeles area where her job titles included programmer, systems programmer and system administrator.  Since 1996, Janet has worked at the IBM Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia.  In her current role as a Project Manager she leads, manages and coordinates various projects in support of commercial accounts.

Janet received her B. S. degree in Computer Science from Tuskegee University , May 1986.  She later received her Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS) degree from West Coast University, Los Angeles, California May 1991.  While at Tuskegee she participated in the Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) for three consecutive summers which allowed her to gain hands on technical experience at the IBM Corporation in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Janet was born and received her secondary education in Headland, Alabama.

Today, she resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her son, Jaden.  When not working she enjoys running, traveling, attending live plays and most of all spending quality time with her son.  She is an active member in her church and also a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.