Master of Science in Information Systems and Security Management

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This program prepares highly-qualified professionals with both Information Systems Management and Information Security Management expertise. The Information Systems and Security Management (ISSM) Master of Science program at Tuskegee University is designed to fill the current and future needs for Information Assurance professionals to support the nation’s information infrastructure.  Information Assurance has become a critical issue for businesses as they encounter problems from external network attacks as well as internal issues due to lax control systems and compliance requirements.


Protection of America’s critical infrastructure is an emerging national priority.  Due to its implication for national security, there is great need to produce professionals trained in both Information Systems and Information Security for securing information and systems in industrial and governmental organizations.  The proposed program is a multidisciplinary, 30-33 credit hour graduate degree program designed to produce a comprehensively educated professional.


Truly gaining value from technology requires an understanding of how technology interacts with business processes, strategy, and policy. The CBIS’s Information Systems and Security Management (ISSM) curriculum is unique in the sense that it integrates both the business and computer science disciplines into a coherent area of study. Students learn how to use methods and tools to make strategic decisions about information security issues, including identity theft and other forms of electronic fraud, computer viruses, hacking attacks, and even cyber warfare.

TU’s MSISSM program allows student to take courses tailored to their individual backgrounds. Students with experience in the law, social sciences, or business can strengthen their technical skills, while those with backgrounds in information technology can increase their business acumen and expand their understanding of information security as it relates to protection of individuals, companies, and other organizations.

While all students learn about the key issues in information security and business processes, electives let individuals customize their program to meet their own professional goals and those of their employer. The required project or thesis lets each student apply their knowledge and training by tackling a specific and current information security issue.

During this journey of discovery, the student will be educated in Tuskegee’s interdisciplinary tradition of innovation and investigation. The student will be trained as analytical problem solver adding value to organizations and society through the intelligent application of information systems and security management.

Program Description:

The Master of Science in Information Systems & Security Management (MS-ISSM) is an interdisciplinary program offered under a cooperative arrangement with various departments including Accounting, Economics, Finance; Management, and Computer Science. Students graduating from the major will help to fill the need for well-educated Information Systems and Security management specialists in the government, private sector, and academia.

The program objectives, identified as being critical to the accomplishment of this mission are:
1.    Impart and enhance knowledge about information systems security
2.    Expand and develop ability to secure and manage complex business systems
3.    Instill and nurture social awareness, and the ability to function in a team
4.    Instill and nurture a sense of ethics
5.    Develop an understanding of strategic and policy issues

The program is broadly based and uses courses in the aforementioned departments. The program will consist of 27 course credits with 6 credits of research work for a Master of Science with thesis (33 hours). A non-thesis Master of Science will consist of 27 credits of courses and 3 credits of project (30 hours). The courses are divided into three categories: core, electives, and thesis research.

A student’s Program of Study Committee, in consultation with the student, determines the elective courses to be taken and the acceptability of transfer credits. The major professor will be selected from the discipline where the student is admitted.

The basic prerequisite for admission to this program is a baccalaureate degree in computer science, management information systems, accounting, finance, management, Information Technology, or a closely related field. The GRE or GMAT examination is required. Potential students with baccalaureate degrees in other related fields will be considered on an individual basis, possibly with provisional admission contingent upon the completion of deficiency courses.

The curriculum of the graduate program in Information Systems & Security Management is as follows:




Core Courses(18 Credits)



ISSM 530


Information Security

ISSM 531


Network Security and Management

ISSM 532


Info. Security Policy and Risk Analysis

BUSN 504


Information Security Economics 

BUSN 505


Information Security Operations Management

BUSN 506


Financial Security Systems

Electives (9 Credits)

(3 courses from the list)



BUSN 507


Supply Chain Information Security Management

BUSN 508


Information Resource Management

BUSN 509


Legal and Social Informatics of Security

ISSM 533


Information Assurance Management

ISSM 534


Software Security

ISSM 535


Incidence Response and Recovery

ISSM 536


Mobile Security

ISSM 537


Computer Forensics

ISSM 538


Web Application Security

ISSM 539


Data Analytics

ISSM 540


Big Data Analytics



Special Topics

Department Lists


Any other approved 500 level BUSN/ISSM courses,




BUSN 599


ISSM Project

BUSN 600


Master’s Thesis

MS-ISSM Degree Requirements:

The MSISSM degree requires you to demonstrate proficiency in Information Systems management, Information Security Management, IT Strategy, and fundamental business skills.

MS-ISSM Degree Requirements:

•    Bachelor's or master's degree in business/ computer science or closely related field
•    GPA of 3.0 or better at an undergraduate level
•    Graduate Records Examination (GRE) /Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) 
•    Statement of Purpose and three letters of recommendation

MS-ISSM Degree Requirements for International Students:

•    Bachelor's or master's degree in business/ computer science or closely related area
•    GPA of 3.0 or better at an undergraduate level
•    Graduate Records Examination (GRE) / Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT)
•    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
•    Statement of Purpose and three letters of recommendation

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