Our Mission


Our Mission of the Zeta Chapter of AL is in sync with the common goals of the Grand Chapter and other chapters, which is to :

  • Enable outstanding students to obtain recognition of superior educational achievement that emphasizes the computing sciences as well as liberal arts, sciences, and other professional and interdisciplinary education in the context of individual and societal responsibilities
  • Assist in maximizing the personal and professional growth of students in UPE by financially supporting scholarships and other creative endeavors that include the discovery, integration, and application of knowledge
  • Establish significant partnerships with external constituencies interested in promoting and subsidizing high quality computing science education
  • Seek opportunities to extend individual memberships and chapter activities into additional environments yet to become identified.

In addition, the Chapter of Tuskegee University strives to:

  • Extend the educational opportunities in the field of computing sciences to the community of Tuskegee University,
  • Provide various educational events to encourage more in-depth learning of the computing sciences on the campus and in the community, and
  • Contribute to the technological advances in the field of computing sciences within various campus organizations and abroad.