Summer Intern Profile: Jennifer Ford

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with Caterpillar Financial in Nashville, Tennessee where I worked in the IT Department on the General Systems Team. At the beginning of the summer I was assigned the task of designing "a web-based front- end to replace an existing Excel Spreadsheet solution to one of the major task in the global accounting department". The task was mostly my responsibility but I was assigned a mentor to help when I ran into road blocks and to oversee my progress. I had weekly meetings with my manager as well as status update meetings with my customer. My assignment was broken up into two major steps: creating a database and creating the GUI for the application I was developing. I created my database using SQL Server Management Studio and I worked in Microsoft Visual Studio to design my GUI. While completing my project I was introduced to SQL, ASP.NET, as well as some Visual Basic code. My internship did not only include work though Caterpillar Financial, I had a number of great activities for the interns to participate in that weren't work related such as: lunch with the president and the CIO of the company, a trip to one of their dealerships, and a day of volunteering. At the end of the summer I was required to give a presentation of what I did during my time at Caterpillar Financial and I got to sit down with you manager for an end of summer evaluation. All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend everyone to apply for an internship with Caterpillar Financial.