• Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL (Educational Doctorate, 2013)
  • DePaul University, Chicago, IL (Master of Science, Computer Science, 1989)
  • Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL (Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 1987)

 Professional Experience

  • Tuskegee University, Department of Computer Science, Tuskegee, AL (2013 - )

    Assistant Professor 
  • Tuskegee University, Department of Computer Science, Tuskegee, AL (1992 - 2013)


Teach computer science courses, develop course syllabi and schedule, design teaching  aids  such as visual presentations, homework, laboratory exercises, and problem sets to review and emphasize concepts covered in class, design quizzes and tests to evaluate student understanding and knowledge of concepts

Academic Advisor (Freshman Academic Advisor for Computer Science Majors: Fall 2009 - Present)

Advise Computer Science majors with course selection and other issues related to the Computer Science curriculum or Department, create and enter class schedules for Freshman students, monitor student’s academic progress through periodic meetings each semester, recommend appropriate actions (counseling center, tutor, financial aid, etc) based on student’s concerns

  • Member of Technical Staff-1, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Naperville, IL (1987-1992)

    • Designed, implemented and tested software designed for the AMA/CRA subsystem of the 5ESS Switched System
    • Prepared documentation in support of software design for use and maintenance of software
    • Provided maintenance services of existing AMA/CRA software
    • Prepared and presented periodic project status reports

Conference Presentations

  • C. Thomas and C. L. Chen, A Feasibility Study of Integrating Computational Thinking into Alabama’s Black Belt High Schools, in the proceeding of 2010 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (FECS-10), Las Vegas, NV, July 15,2010.
  • C. Thomas and C. L. Chen, Incremental Development of an Algorithm Incorporating a Test Plan, ACM Mid-Southeast Fall Conference, Gaitlinburg, TN, November 12-13, 2009

Professional Activities

  • Coordinated the Saturday Technology Boot Camp for High School Students, 2010
  • Designed and conducted the ICT Educator Workshop, 2010
  • Pre-Freshman In Computer Science (PREFICS) Coordinator (1991-2002, 2006 - 2008)
    • Designed brochure for PREFICS Summer Programs
    • Collected and recorded data from applications
    • Processed and selected students
    • Arranged housing for program participants
    • Planned and chaperoned field trips
    • Planned and maintained budget for PREFICS activities
    • Planned and organized Welcome/Orientation Session and Closing Banquet
    • Organized and planned lecture series - invite speakers
    • Selected and supervised staff which consists of student counselors, teaching assistants, and math tutor
    • Served as university liaison between the department and program applicants
    • Computer Science Department Recruiter (2006 - 2007)
      • Participated in the University Fall and Spring Open House events to gain visibility and attract students to the Computer Science major contact
      • Visited high school in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and other specified locations to speak with counselors, teachers, and students
      • Worked with Computer Science Department alumni to spread information regarding the opportunities offered through the Department
      • Worked with Admissions office to obtain CS department applicants to initiate contact
      • Distributed Computer Science Department literature

Professional Associations

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)