Sales and Marketing Program (SMP) Corporate Partners are a vital component in the success of our students and the goal of the SMP.

While we welcome all companies to recruit and interact with sales and marketing students, our Corporate Partners are given access to and special consideration during planned student events and classroom experience.

Corporate Partners provide resources for student scholarships, educational materials, sales technology, as well as local, regional and national programs to enhance the education and professionalism of the next generation of sales and marketing professionals.

The Corporate Partner Program is a great opportunity for sales and marketing students to network with leading professionals in the industry, while enhancing the practice and professionalism of sales, marketing and sales management.

The Corporate Partners Program offers unique benefits that will positively impact your company and the sales and marketing professional, including:

Connection with Top Sales and Marketing Students
The Corporate Partners Program provides ample opportunity for one on one integration between Corporate Partners and students. Corporate Partners have firsthand access to top of the line Brimmer College of Business & Information Science sales and marketing students, and they are able to see the students in action during live role play sales calls.

Reduced Training Time
We do the training, so you don't have to! The Sales and Marketing Program (SMP) provides thorough, hands on training for students, which reduces the amount of training your company has to provide.  The extensive SMP training also reduces the amount of time required for new hire to become a profitable asset to your company.

Reduced Turnover
SMP students have a clear understanding of what it takes to be a sales and marketing professional. Our students do not view sales as a stepping stone; Instead, their aspiration is a career in sales and/or marketing.

Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Professionals
Corporate partners are invited to attend professional sales and marketing training courses and seminars, which are offered on a regular basis for both sales and marketing people and their managers.

An Investment In Students
The Corporate Partners Program is an opportunity for you to invest in the lives of Tuskegee University sales and marketing students and in the future of professional selling and marketing.

As a Corporate Partner, you will develop professional relationships with top Brimmer College of Business & Information Science sales and marketing students, who have chosen sales and/or marketing as a career.